About us

Geoffrey McGregor bought this antiques centre in 2007 when the previous owner retired after running it for nearly thirty years.


He has spent his entire working life dealing in antiques and for twenty years shared a shop with his parents in nearby Sudbury, trading then as now as 'Geoffrey McGregor Antiques' (GMA)


Whilst trading in Sudbury, he also traded at various antiques centres – most notably, the late centre at Woburn Abbey.


Geoffrey knew he wanted to continue dealing in antiques after he bought the centre, not only because he enjoyed it but because it allows him to compliment what other dealers stock – with the space available he can stock very large items. It means, also, that he can keep up-to-date with trends in taste and he works at the centre along with a dedicated group of experienced colleagues making sure that every dealer presents their stock to best advantage, clearly labelled and fairly priced.

Then they can provide the pristine backdrop for the thousands of items along with the attentive staff to give comprehensive and seamless service to both customers and dealers.


For further information on any item, or any other query, please call or email.