Delivery costs


While we are happy to get you quotes for delivery to pretty well anywhere in the world, due to our business volume it will be quicker if you contact the following companies yourself. This is also a good idea as you will be dealing directly with the company and no third party errors can occur.

You can email the page directly to the following companies or better still copy to several different shippers (this is a good idea as they will see they are competing against each other) and you may be surprised how cheap it can be.

Here is a list of recommended companies by area:


Local:                                                           Mainland UK:

Man With A Van                                       OMS Courier Group
(07790) 782013
                                             Barnetts Store
01787 312131                                         Whitehall Commercial                                 Whitehall Rd
                                                                       Hampton Bishop

                                                                       07985 320618    








Australia & Canada + More:                      America & Europe + More                                        
5/9 Willen Field Road, Park Royal,                                        St Leonard's Road          
London NW10 7BQ3                                                          North Acton                     
tel: 020 8965 1234                                                           London NW10 6SX        
fax: 020 8965 4954                                                            Tel: +44 (0)20 8965 8733